Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork truly does make the dream work. There are times when a project’s needs, budget or time frame dictates that we reach beyond our own creative bubble to build bridges and collaborate with other production professionals. It’s fun to work with other creatives in our industry who share our passions.


Needless to say we were stoked to have the guys from The Brute Squad reach out to us to assist with some 3D renderings for their client Hudson Mfg. This project turned out great and we couldn’t be happier about being in the mix.


We were given reference pictures of the 1911 gun they used on set and a 3D model of the new Hudson H9 gun. This product is so new a production version of the gun wasn’t ready at the time. From there we set out to work our magic. Check out the 3D gun pull-apart we created.



Now watch the whole piece. Note what a difference sound design makes during the 3D pull apart section. Just like a team of people, great production is a lot of elements mixed in to make something bigger than any one element alone. What a great spot. We were honored to be part of the process. Go TEAM!


Agency: Pandemic

Production: The Brute Squad

Gun transform animation: Media Grabbers