Meet the Team

Josh Eaton / Partner • President

As Studio Supervisor Josh can motivate the team, keep things moving and stay within budget. He is knowledgeable of his team's skill set and can assist your project from creative brief to final delivery. He is the team's Cheerleader and "The Hammer", all in one. He is known for his exceptional palette and has a taste for fine Italian shoes and top shelf whiskey. But don't let that fool you, he is as at home in the dirt of Southern Utah as he is on the rooftops of New York City.

Wyatt Germer / Partner • Vice President

As Post Production Supervisor, Wyatt has the first hand knowledge to lead the team in the most efficient and productive work flow. He has a broad knowledge of motion graphics, 3D animation and compositing. He leads by example and is a creative powerhouse his peers look up to. He is the eye of the storm, in a sea of swearing sailors.

Doug Stringham / Partner • Vice President

As Technical Advisor, Doug ensures the studio is a smooth sailing ship. His wealth of post production knowledge and experience is utilized by the entire team. He is a skilled motion graphics artist with a keen eye for detail. An artist thru & thru his craft is fine tuned and his knowledge base is broad. He would like to be Walt Disney when he grows up. He'll just have to settle for having Disney as a client since Doug isn't likely to give up being a kid anytime soon.

Rebecca Gillette / Producer • Director • Editor

Visual in nature & passionate about sound Rebecca is a storyteller with a keen sense of deadline driven work. With extensive experience in the unscripted broadcast TV arena as a writer, producer, director and editor there isn't much you can't throw at her. The studio nomad she can be found in the editbay, the sound stage, the audio engineering suite, on location, in a casting, scouting for new locations, searching for wardrobe, at FX supply...You get the idea.

John Mena / Motion Graphics Artist • Lens Flare Ninja

As the Lens Flare Ninja and on site Vaudevillian voice over John will someday find a reason to use the Comic Sans Font. Until then he will continue to produce stunning motion design, winning clients over with his skills and engaging personality(ies). His affinity for video games, The Marvel Universe & Star Wars sure has come in handy with ingame capture and background knowledge for our video game clients. Sweet game control skills bro!

Bobbi Conway / Illustrator • Motion Graphics Artist

Bobbi is the youngest of our funky bunch but what she lacks in years, only made apparent when our pop culture references to The Goonies and all John Hughes films are lost on her, she more than makes up for in talent & drive. She is an exceptional illustrator, can quip out storyboards fast & is a quiz with 2D character animation. She's always picking up new skills both 2D & 3D and with a name like Bob Conway you know she means business.

Mark Ricks / Motion Graphics Artist • Audio Engineer

Mark is a multi talented man with a strong auditory and visual drive. From music videos to motion graphics Mark is skilled with a variety of tools. He's dedicated to his craft and when he's not on tour with a band you can find him touring around on his bike to the office.

Brady Peterson / Producer • Writer

An experienced Producer and Writer, Brady translates his history as an Art Director in the advertising industry into inspired concepts, solid scripts and ultimately highly polished final products. He might swear like a sailor and fancies the term G.F.Y.* but we know it's all just an act to protect his squishy insides. But shh... don't tell anyone, he has to keep his hardline game face around all these sensitive artist types. He can't let our animators think he's gone soft. * For those who don't know GFY stands for Good For You 😉