TruGlo has been a long time client of ours so we feel we’ve really gotten to know their product line and what is important to them. When it came time to write a script for the TFX Pro we knew we really wanted to call in the pros! No actors for this spot. We enlisted the help of real swat guys.  It was a great experience getting to hang out with these men in their element & it granted us amazing access to the breach house they train in and even the locker rooms at the precinct.  Best of all they brought along the BEAR CAT, a serious armored vehicle! It was hard to get the camera crew to get out of it & stop taking selfies with it.  The project gave us a lot of respect for the team work and communication it requires to stay safe and the trust these guys have for each other. It’s not an easy job…but we are glad it’s these kinds of guys who are doing it and we are glad they have trust worthy products like TruGlo’s to help them in their duties.