Nissan Man

Nissan Man was born when Hula Girl, MaryLee Robinson, came to us and asked us to develop a super-hero character that saved people from competitor’s ‘high prices’. We swooped in to meet the challenge. This group of Nissan dealerships, with stores in Wyoming and Montana, wanted to represent their sales force as superheroes, in their broadcast TV commercials. Our Illustrator Bobbi Hobbs started with sketches and created several versions of Nissan Man and Nissan Woman before we landed on the final set of capes and tights. For the overall look of the spot, we created motion graphic comic book frames to give it that page turner vibe of childhoods past. Super villain high prices don’t stand a chance against the Nissan super hero sales force.

Timelapse of Bobbi inking in her rough sketch.

Now watch the whole spot in all it’s super hero glory.