Eagle Gate College

Eagle Gate College wanted us to create an engaging, colorful TV spot.  It needed to be adaptable to different messaging for different markets and locations. They really wanted to do something different than the standard tech school commercial. They had a lot to say and we knew it couldn’t all fit into 30 seconds so having adaptability was the key to success. This 60 second web commercial covers what they wanted to say. From this longer version we’re then able to cut a number of different 30’s for broadcast, each with a different focus. It made for fun and vibrant spot that will have a nice shelf life, and won’t be outdated too soon. We can adapt the messaging as needed. With multiple campus locations they can target their media buy to a specific region & campus and send out different messaging to what might attract a potential student.

Scott Goggles – deconstruction animation

Scott Goggles asked us to do a deconstruction animation highlighting the features of their new Prospect goggles. Seeing how something was put together is so satisfying, like watching an episode of How It’s Made. The product it’s self lent the perfect canvas to show off some extreme sports clips. Nothing like getting pumped to ride, while also learning about some incredible new gear. These googles clean the mud off themselves…mind blown right?!  Get yourself a pair so you can get dirty…and still see your course!

Product Cinematography – Devil in the details

Creating Product Cinematography

Media Grabbers was tasked with creating high end product cinematography for our dear friend Derek Smith who was producing this shoot for his client Sich Caskets. And I have to say, we made this product look dead sexy! Not funny? Maybe, but when I pass, if I am laid to rest in one of these magnificent caskets, I will have gone out in style.


It’s All About The Details

The reality is a shoot like this means fretting over the details, caring about every spec of dust, smudge and finger print. It means spending hours getting the lighting…just right. In this case it also meant trouble shooting our precision turn table & it’s ancient operating system. But what kind of tech people would we be if we can trouble shoot some older but still relevant gear. Even us Mac people can still wrestle with an old PC.

Once all the elements were in place it came down to practicing the jib & with the casket on the turn table. Getting the same rack focus 16 times till the rotation & the rack match up just…perfect, it’s what we do. The devil is in the details and we are proud to have conquered.