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Virtual MD by Stream

Virtual MD by Stream wanted to create an animated 2D illustration style video to help promote their new service and educate users on how to get the most out of it. We love to create illustrations and that 2D colorful cartoon vibe is all the rage at the moment.  Our in house illustrator extraordinaire Bobbi Hobbs crafted some winning story boards that really sold the concept and we were off an running from there.

Watch the promotional video below to get a short overview of the service. We also did a second more in depth video to show how to navigate the system in a step by step guide….Step 1 get sick!


How to Use

Fluent Home

Fluent Home, a leader in home security and automation came to us to help promote their new vehicle geo-tracking security device. They wanted an eye catching animated video that demonstrated the connectivity between their home panel device and their new ‘VUE’ device that gives your car’s health and location all from your phone. We wanted to design a look that was mostly 2D illustrated but with a mix of 3D elements used throughout to give it a unique look and feel. Joshua Eaton concepted and wrote the script and Bobbi Hobbs designed the look and animated it from start to finish.


The Portland Trail Blazers Dunks

The Portland Trailblazers once again tapped Media Grabbers to create their broadcast and arena openers for the 2016 and 2017 season. The players were filmed on location in Portland at the Moda Center. Back in Salt Lake City each clip of the players was keyed off the green screen and then composited with illustrated elements to give it an urban 2D animated look that brings your attention to the all important dunks! (it’s in the name man). It needed to have both authentic grit and organic flow to match the pace of the music and the vibe of Rip City. Being short on time, but big on ideas we got our creative game on. Media Grabbers team point guard Wyatt Germer passed to players Mark Ricks and Bobbi Hobbs to Alley-Oop the edit in a seamless pass of artistry. The result is an action packed opener that brings to life the energy and skill that each player brings to the court, game after game.



Route 1A Advertising – Products shots…san product!

Route 1A Advertising out of Illinois contacted us in November 2016 and wanted us to create the visuals for a new 9mm handgun commercial for Taurus that was going to launch at the 2017 SHOT Show. But there was one problem, they hadn’t manufactured the gun yet and there was nothing to ‘shoot’ in the studio. Oh…. and the convention was 6 weeks away. We said, that’s ok, give us the engineered Auto-Cad files and we’ll give you some photo real visuals to work with that will be better than the real thing. After a few weeks of dialing in all the 3D modeled polygons with the engineers, our animator Tyrone Thomas started lock & laoding out some amazing renders. In 3D, we could achieve some trick camera paths with a unique depth of field that would be extremely tough to pull off in real life. All at a fraction of the price for a live shoot, using an expensive motorized dolly and a macro lens setup. Jamie Potosnak and Mike Hermann from Route 1A did the final assembly and audio mix, but the gun renders were all Tyrone!

Finished Commercial

Here is a sweet in progress video of us previewing the altered auto-cad & adjusted polygons.

 And some stills 

Nissan Man

Nissan Man was born when Hula Girl, MaryLee Robinson, came to us and asked us to develop a super-hero character that saved people from competitor’s ‘high prices’. We swooped in to meet the challenge. This group of Nissan dealerships, with stores in Wyoming and Montana, wanted to represent their sales force as superheroes, in their broadcast TV commercials. Our Illustrator Bobbi Hobbs started with sketches and created several versions of Nissan Man and Nissan Woman before we landed on the final set of capes and tights. For the overall look of the spot, we created motion graphic comic book frames to give it that page turner vibe of childhoods past. Super villain high prices don’t stand a chance against the Nissan super hero sales force.

Timelapse of Bobbi inking in her rough sketch.

Now watch the whole spot in all it’s super hero glory.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Teamwork truly does make the dream work. There are times when a project’s needs, budget or time frame dictates that we reach beyond our own creative bubble to build bridges and collaborate with other production professionals. It’s fun to work with other creatives in our industry who share our passions.


Needless to say we were stoked to have the guys from The Brute Squad reach out to us to assist with some 3D renderings for their client Hudson Mfg. This project turned out great and we couldn’t be happier about being in the mix.


We were given reference pictures of the 1911 gun they used on set and a 3D model of the new Hudson H9 gun. This product is so new a production version of the gun wasn’t ready at the time. From there we set out to work our magic. Check out the 3D gun pull-apart we created.



Now watch the whole piece. Note what a difference sound design makes during the 3D pull apart section. Just like a team of people, great production is a lot of elements mixed in to make something bigger than any one element alone. What a great spot. We were honored to be part of the process. Go TEAM!


Agency: Pandemic

Production: The Brute Squad

Gun transform animation: Media Grabbers

Media Grabbers Demo Reel 2016

Here is a taste of what the Media Grabbers team has been creating in 2016.

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